How to Join

Before Joining
* All Swimmers must pay AVOHK membership fee plus annual swimming fee
* All new applicants must be age 18yrs or over and medically fit
* New members only will be tested to see the level of swimming competency and fitness
* Do not make payment until you have received a confirmation email of membership acceptance by the Swimming Section Convenor

Due to recent government restrictions on the number of swimmers per lane, we must limit the number of members each year. If spaces are filled up, then you will be put on a waiting list.

The starting date for receiving the application for yearly membership will be during January every year.

Application process
To join AVOHK’s Swimming Section you must be a AVOHK member (please go to Membership page on the AVOHK website).

Thereafter please follow the following steps:

1) Please ensure you have an AVOHK membership and proof of payment.

2) Then fill in this Swimming section application form Click the link to download form.

3) Send swimming section application form along with proof of AVOHK membership to
NB: DO NOT MAKE PAYMENT for the swimming membership at this stage until you have received acceptance email from Swimming Convenor.

4) Await your confirmation of membership acceptance via email from AVOHK Swimming Convenor, then once received sign the waiver form Click here AVOHK Swimming Waiver Form

5) (ONLY WHEN SWIMMING SECTION MEMBERSHIP HAS BEEN CONFIRMED) Then make a direct e-transfer to AVOHK’s accounts, the details for which will be sent to you directly.

6) Then send your signed swimming waiver form, copy of your bank transfer, and a copy of the application confirmation email to

7) (Optional) if you prefer to send payment via cheque, please make the cheque out to “AVOHK”. Then send along with hard copies of the various forms as mentioned above to the following address.

Jason – AVOHK Swimming Convenor
PO Box 28893
Gloucester Road Post Office
Wan Chai
Hong Kong