Notice: Cancellation of the 2023 China Coast Marathon and Half Marathon. See more details here.

CAP599 restrictions for events

We have understandably had a number of inquiries from our runners asking when the 5k Series and Reservoir Series would return.  While we appreciate the support and interest, we are unable to hold mass-start events at this time.

At the moment, the Cap. 599 regulations are still in place meaning that race organizers are required to apply to the Home Affairs Bureau for an exemption to the social distancing rules in order to hold a race. This exemption is often granted very late, generally less than 2 weeks before the race.  In order to work within the restrictions, it is also necessary to require that all runners take a PCR test within 48 hours of the race.  This obviously adds greatly to the cost and inconvenience to our runners. 

For this reason, AVOHK has decided not to go ahead with any races while we are still under the restrictions of Cap.599. We do plan to announce race dates as soon as possible after these restrictions are lifted and will let you know details through our website and also by email.