About us

AVOHK was formed in 1982 to promote masters activities and is dedicated to running, swimming and cycling (but mainly running). We are members of:

  • Hong Kong China Athletic Association
  • World Masters Athletics Association (WMA)
  • Asian Masters Athletics Association (AMA)
  • Association of International Marathons (AIMS)
  • Hong Kong China Swimming Association

AVOHK organize around 10 events each year for the Hong Kong running community.  The annual China Coast Marathon and Half Marathon is AVOHK’s largest event and is very popular. The 2024 Races will be on 4 February 2024. AVOHK organise Hong Kong masters teams to participate in masters track meets overseas and our members participate in many other events, both in Hong Kong and abroad.

AVOHK are the registered Hong Kong representative with the AMA and WMA  AVOHK co-ordinate athletes interested in representing Hong Kong in the AMA and WMA championships.  Both of which are held bi-annually.   Hong Kong were represented in the 2018 WMA championships held in Malaga, Spain.  Hong Kong also had teams at the 2017 AMA championships in Rugao, China and 2019 in Kuching, Malaysia.   AVOHK member Bill Purves is a member of the WMA committee.   For further information on WMA and AMA championships  contact Bill Purves via the contact form.

The club publish a monthly newsletter which contains race results, future event schedules and interesting athletic articles. The newsletter is emailed to members.

New members are always welcome – please use our online membership to join the Club.  The annual AVOHK AGM is normally held in June every year.