2021 AVOHK Christmas Party

In a year where we could lay on precious little in the way of running and swimming events, at least the ‘social-distancing’ skies cleared for a moment where we could gather at our social hub, namely Cafe8. We remain very grateful to Melody and her wonderful team, who opened their doors to our club members.

Among the highlights of the evening were the lucky draw and many congratulations to those who held those treasured pictogram tickets and went away with bottles of wine and the like.

We enjoyed the fun, action packed video announcing the new website – and here it is! Do let us have your thoughts – this is our member site and we would love to get some helpful feedback!

Music was provided by local musician, Keith, who eventually found himself backing some extraordinary vocalists from club members and committee members. Perhaps most memorable was the moment Phil booth grabbed the mike for his rendition of Hey Jude!

Many thanks to organisers and contributors to the evening – but most especially to our members who, despite everything, have continued to stay faithful to our ambitions. We eagerly look forward to the day when our favourites can be arranged once again – China Coast, Reservoir Series, 5K series and RTI Time Trials!

Many thanks and wishing you a Personal Best 2022!