Runners’ Stories: April Fool’s Day 10000m

Connie Fong

On April Fool’s Day morning, I took part in the 10000m race which was held at Wan Chai Sportsground. It was a special experience for a road runner.

Is a 10000m track race the same as a 10K road race? All athletes have to run 25 laps of a 400m track. The shoe regulations are very different, only spikes or shoes with a 25mm height are allowed. I ran the race with non-spike shoes.

It was not easy for a road runner to run on the track. There were lots of repetitions of straights and curves, again and again. The skills are different from on the road. For me, it was difficult to repeat so many laps. Usually, I practice running on the road so it was a bit challenging for me to do repeating laps and keep up the concentration for the whole race.

I enjoyed the race and treasure this experience. Thank you to AVOHK for getting my entry.