AVOHK members’ results – China Coast Marathon and Half Marathon

There were a total of 35 AVOHK members who finished the Marathon. Congratulations to AVOHK member Issac Yuen who won the overall race.  Alongside his overall winners plate and age group trophy  he  took home the John Lane Tankard, awarded to the fastest AVOHK member  in the Marathon.  In the lady’s race Lai Wai Chun was the first AVOHK member to cross the line.  

31 AVOHK members finished in the half marathon.   Casey Caps were awarded to AVOHK members Fang Yuk Mui and Chris Davies being the first AVOHK member veteran woman and man to cross the line.  Arif Erdogan was the first under 40 AVOHK man.

2024 CCM AVOHK Men Members Results – Half Marathon

2024 CCM AVOHK Members Results – Marathon

2024 CCM AVOHK Women Members Results – Half Marathon