RESULTS: 2024 AVOHK Malcolm Phillips age graded 5k

As a annual tradition, the 2024 AVOHK Malcolm Phillips age graded 5k was held at Bowen road on 18 May. Perfect weather for a 5km run was on display and the normal Hong Kong humidity stayed clear.

80 runners entered from various age groups which started at 4pm.

The first runner arrived back at 17:55 on the clock which wasn’t fast enough for the age graded 15:09.7 from Michael Capper, the 2024 Malcolm Phillips age graded winner. Sara Modiano won the ladies category with a time of 18:18.2. Well done to the winners!

The winners are:
1. Michael Capper 15:09.7
2. Govert Heijboer 16:20.6
3. Frank McNamara 16:24.8
3. CHEUNG Wai Lap16:26.3

1. Sara Modiano 0:18:18.2
2. LO Lan Fa, Angel 19:11.7
3. Susan KO 19:38.2

Get the full results here

Video of the race below or on this link